Dr. Idorenyin Usoh is an academic, a scientist, researcher, wife, mother, health activist and an entrepreneur.

Her first degree was in Biochemistry where she graduated with first class honors from the University of Uyo. Her second (Masters) degree was in Biotechnology where she equally graduated with a Distinction from the University of Manchester, UK. She proceeded to obtain a doctorate degree in Biotechnology with molecular enzymology from the same University.

Dr. Usoh has always been fascinated with health and nature. Her research projects are usually related to identifying the ‘blessings’ embedded in natural plants, especially in Africa. She is currently on a health awareness campaign to educate on ways to return to nature and reinstate the average life span of humans as it was 20 years ago.

She is also an entrepreneur, working with financial Independence platforms available globally. She is currently a Diamond 6 Leader with Longrich International.

In this Webinar, Dr Usoh will share with you, strategies that will change your life and paradigms.

She will share how the Longrich platform has helped (and is still helping her) her live healthy, wealthy and stay in control of her time.

In the last 3 years of partnering with Longrich, she has gotten over 7,000,000 Naira worth of bonuses, 2 car funds, 4 international trips, and many other incentives. Her children and husband also earn weekly from Longrich. All these, from the comfort of her home without any ‘boss’ telling her what to do. She resigned from her lecturing Job to cater for her family but she is earning more than she earned as a lecturer.

She has also raised entrepreneurs who are earning 5-7 figures weekly and have qualified for free trips and cars.

You can be the next world class entrepreneur raised by Dr. Usoh.

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